Airbnb, The Turning Point of Accommodation

When a couple of guys thought about renting out their living room as they couldn’t afford the rent, who knew it would expand into a business where over 3 million spaces are listed in nearly every country!


Airbnb is a familiar word that we all know and many have booked through. People have also opened up their own home to welcome guests from around the world. There are hosts out there who actually live off the income produced from their property and on top of that, they go and travel. Jealous? Me too.

I have been both an Airbnb guest and host. Both have successful stories. I’ve stayed in Airbnb accommodation in locations including Philadelphia, New York City, Gold Coast and London. This has been places in its entirety and private room. Airbnb is a great set up where both the guest & host leave reviews for each other on how the stay went. This allows hosts to check on suitable guests (if not set on instant booking) and guests to see the reviews that other guests experienced at the place. Just like any hotel booking, you can read everything about the property before booking. The only information you won’t get is the exact street address (until after booking) for obvious privacy reasons.

As a Guest

It’s up to you on what type of accommodation you would like to book (entire place/private room/shared room). If you’re visiting a country where English is not the first language, you may opt to just have a private room with a host that speaks fluent or intermediate English. The host could teach you basic phrases (yes, no, please, where is..?, thank you etc). Otherwise if you need or want privacy, booking an entire place is great. And hosts generally have local information when  you arrive for transport, sights, tours, grocery store, restaurants etc.

How to book? First you will need to create a profile, verify yourself with identification then start searching.

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When you have found the perfect place, depending on the settings of the host, you can either request a booking or book instantly (look for the lightning bolt). When the booking is confirmed you will make payment through Airbnb. Do not pay the host directly, as you could find yourself out of pocket and with no accommodation. Make sure you and your host communicate to organise entry/arrive for your stay. Lastly, make sure after your stay you leave a review for the host (you will get an email to remind you). The review will only be published if both the guest and host submit a review. Having these reviews are highly recommended for both parties, as mentioned earlier they form part of your profile for future guests/hosts to read.

As a Host

Do you have a property that you can rent out? Whether it is an entire place, private or shared room? Then why not list your space on Airbnb and get money!

You choose how much per night you want to charge. How great is that! Unsure of pricing? There are suggestive prices and you can set it to fluctuate depending on nearby Airbnb listings to ensure you are remaining competitive. I have one of my places set up as a private room available when I am in town & I set it as an entire place when I am away. I have welcomed guests from all around the world including Germany, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, Sweden and China. Not sure if you want to have people stay? Nervous? Let’s think about it… You can set up your calendar for minimum and maximum stays, set your own prices (including extra people) and can block out dates at any time you want. Blocking out dates is a great option if you have friends or family visiting, you want quiet time or you’re out of town and do not want anyone in your place while you’re gone.

If you have decided to list your space, read How to Become An Airbnb Host for more information to set yourself up and what to do to be ready before and after launching on Airbnb.

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