Twelve Posts In Twelve Days Christmas Challenge

Usually we are making resolutions or challenges for the New Year, but I’ve put it in reverse. A great part of my adventure this year with putting this website together was the incredible journey of networking. And so came the twelve posts in twelve days Christmas challenge.

Networking has given me so much knowledge, ideas, support, friendships and motivation. Putting yourself out there is never easy, or it isn’t for me. But through all this, it has given me confidence and a drive to keep moving in this online world.

Keeping up to date with others’ journey’s has been great! Seeing beautiful posts, photos, stories and videos has made me reminisce or add it to my list. There are way too many places to travel and since being online it has grown so much!

In one of my travel groups a few of us gals have banded together. A lady posted that she has a lot of content to get out and wanted to do the dozen/dozen Christmas challenge. We said we would (or really try) to get 12 blog posts out in 12 days from December 12 to December 23.

So here is my twelfth post! It might be a cop out to write about this on my final one. But I think we can agree that it is a busy time of the year! Plus, I had about five posts that were in draft or just began and now I’ve got none! I have more ideas of posts to write but that’s for next year.

The challenge has been really great as we are motivating each other and showing we can do anything! But it’s enough, I know that it would be such a challenge to get posts out on the daily. With my full time job and then normal schedule – social, cleaning, relaxing, family etc – it would be difficult.

I recommend other bloggers out there to give this a go. Challenges like this exist with vloggers as well. They will do a Vlogmas (for the month of December) recording what they want. The commitment you make will either give you extra organisation skills or you may fall behind and not do it again. Either way it is a learning curve that you should try and set for yourself.

The twelve day challenge for me has certainly been a challenge. I had to stay up late some nights or wake up early in the mornings to publish for that day.

Already I have said to the ladies that we should do this twice a year. Or I am definitely fine with the one time, haha. 

Anyways, this is me signing off for 2018 now. I will be trying to write another post over the next week or two, but don’t like my chances.

I am heading to New Zealand today’s and I won’t be taking my  laptop which is my muse and tool! It gets tricky typing on your iPhone or iPad. Maybe I will come across a cafe or accommodation that has computers.

A huge year for me and I am really happy with how it is ending. To see my year head to Review of my Escapades for 2017.


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