When It Comes to Travel Insurance Make Sure You Do It Right

To take off and travel, a prerequisite is travel insurance. Some people decide to roll the dice and not take it out. I have never taken this option as I figure, what happens if I need it. But when you take it out there is a few things you should consider. When it comes to travel insurance make sure you do it right.

What cover should you get when taking out travel insurance

Depending on what kind of travel action level you will be on, will decide what type of cover you should get.

If you will be more on the side of action and adventure, make sure you’re travel insurance will cover for sporting, extreme sporting and snow (if applicable).

Another main decision will be if you want comprehensive cover or medical only. This will make a difference for the cost of the policy.

Tips to remember with insurance when traveling

When you have your policy in place you need to remember the below:

  • Keep a copy of the entire policy as a saved document on your phone (printing creates more paperwork, but print it if need be)
  • Have the policy number on you at all times – do not just keep it in your phone, in case you lose it or it runs out of battery
  • Make sure you have the contact number for outside of your country on hand as well
  • If something happens make sure you always have it in both the native language and English (if you’re in a non-English speaking country)
  • Make sure you get a police report and as quickly as possible to help with your claim. In some cases you cannot proceed with out a police report
  • Ensure the country is approved by your government – if you go to a country where the travel advice is ‘do not go/visit/travel/enter’ and something happens when you are there, your policy may be voided
Travel insurance providers

There are a lot of options of where to go to purchase a policy.

I have been on several trips with travel insurance which was for free. Yes, free! Complimentary insurance from my financial institution.  I just have to spend over $500AUD in one transaction on a travel expense (airfare, car hire, accommodation, tour etc) and have a premium/platinum credit card. That’s it. It is only basic cover, but that suits me. It is well worth checking with your bank if there are complimentary offers.

Discount options can be with your insurance providers for other services. For example your providers for home, car, pet, health policies can offer travel insurance. Through booking with them and already being a member, you can or will be entitled to a discount. In the past, I have also traveled on discount policies through my private health fund provider.

There are other popular travel insurance providers but the main ones I recommend is 1Cover and World Nomads.

Get it right

As you can see, it’s not just about buying a policy. You have to think about the cover, the types/level, while being away (preparation & action if needed) and providers.

I will be trying 1Cover in 2018 to have a better review on the policy they provide.

For more advice head over to Tips & Tricks.


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