South America

Get ready to dance!

Sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro
South America is the most vibrant continent in the world when it comes to dancing, music and partying! Day and night, the 13 countries that make up this continent are awake and ready to shake its tail feather.

Did you say Party?

Carnival is the most fabulous time of the year to get involved and experience a party gone wild. Thought it was only Brazil or Rio? Guys, carnival is everywhere in South America (even around the world). A time when music is blaring, costumes are flaring and temptations are daring.

In February 2017, I attended Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and had one of the best times of my life. The main party opened up on Friday 24th and ended the 28th, although technically this party does go on for a week or more after. It’s something you don’t want to miss if you are planning to go to South America. Parties are held across cities by the locals, where floats or cars will drive down roads and the stereo pumping and drink vendors, food carts and people are swarming in the streets. Nightclubs are jam packed, and town squares are filled with musicians who are entertaining anyone who doesn’t want to stop grooving. As said earlier, carnival is held everywhere so make sure you check out where you’ll be in February each year to join and get shaky. If you want more information on my experience at the Rio Carnival click here for my blog. Saftey – Carnival in Rio (and other cities) is high crime time for thieves, please read here for advice on safety when you’re partying. This happened everyday in Rio.

Natural beauty!

Landscape at its best lies in this part of the world. I have travelled to almost 40 countries and what I saw in Peru and Colombia was something that you have to go there and experience for yourself, as pictures will not do justice (as usual).

Seeing these valleys with green top or snow capped mountains then villages and cities below is magical to the eye. It has a beauty in it like the fishing villages of England or Norway, and the coastline villages of Italy. If you have seen these places, well it is completely different as it isn’t along the water, but that level of breathtaking. Where the jungle meets the city.

La Amazonas (The Amazon) was a highlight of my life. This rain forest is in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and most other South American countries. Want to see exotic birds, butterflies, mammals, the famous anaconda or piranhas?  I have seen all this, minus the anaconda (wasn’t as lucky as my sister and her hubby), and more in Peru. A part of the Amazon that was all mine for several days, exploring with jungle walks, refreshing my bow and arrow skills, tasting leaves and seeds (do not eat unless advised). I also went piranha fishing and fed a caimanImage may contain: outdoor

In the jungle, being disconnected from the world, was one of the serene, tranquil times in my life and it made me want to live there. I would advise to do a tour here or make sure you are with locals for your own peace of mind and safety. You can easily get lost or eaten out in the jungle and with locals who know and live in the area you can rest assured that you are in great hands and will get an exclusive, first hand experience. For my expedition in the amazon click here.


lost in translation

You will be. The dominant language spoken in South America is Spanish, with Portuguese being the native language for Brazil. English is found throughout SA, but let me warn you it is not everywhere and you probably won’t find it when you need it. I would suggest you learn the basics of Portuguese (Latin Portuguese) if you are going to Brazil. And highly suggest learning Spanish (Latin Spanish) if visiting others. Apart from the basics it is also good to know “Donde esta…..?” (Where is….?), and “Tienes cambio?” (Do you have change?).  In Colombia on average $50,000 pesos is about $20USD, so you will need to make sure vendors have change when something is only $7,000 pesos (ie. a taxi ride).

Below are the 13 countries that make up South America:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivar
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • French Guiana
  • Guayana
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Suriname
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

To find out about my experiences in Colombia, Peru, Brazil go to my blog page. Or use the search box below.