Before You Go


Below are some tips or things you should (or must) consider before you leave.

    • Vaccinations – you must make sure that you are vaccinated appropriately or that you have checked out any recommendations with a travel doctor. Depending on where you go you may need or be advised to have needles for example: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus,  malaria, yellow fever..
    • Minimise or clear debts – while you are away you do not want to be getting late payment fees or interest charges. Take care or have money aside with any credit card bills, vehicle insurances or registration, electricity bills etc before you leave
    • Contact your bank  – let your bank know your travel dates and where you are going, this will help reduce the chance of your card being blocked, if they think fraudulent transactions are going on to your account
    • Check expiration dates on bank cards & drivers licence – the last thing you need is to be away on your trip and have your card expiry. Same goes with your drivers licence.
    • Apply for international drivers licence – this can always be a backup or if you know you will be driving, apply for one! There are rental car company’s out there who will not let you drive a vehicle if you do not hold an international drivers licence.
    • Unlock your phone – this one is for preparation if you are going to use an international sim, some service providers may charge a fee to unlock your phone and others for free. This is so when you put a different sim in you will have access, this can be a pain on the other side of the world to sort out
    • Turn off data/international roaming – don’t be caught up with an exuberant phone bill when you return home. Some people do use international roaming. If you are unsure, do some research. I always have mine turned off and follow instructions accordingly for an international/travel sim
    • Copies of passport – make sure you take a photo of your passport on your phone, take paper copies (one in luggage, one in small backpack/handbag)
    • Pack half of what you think – why make the load heavier? This is always a struggle, but if you pack your bag full it can be very difficult to fit extra clothes, souvenirs or mementos.  You will be surprised how much you wouldn’t wear everything if you take everything.
    • Expiration and pages of passport – always make sure you check the expiration date on your passport and how many spare pages you have left, a common rule of thumb is at least 6 months validation with 6 spare pages. Check entry requirements of where you are going
    • Prescription medication – if you will need or as a precaution, medication that you cannot get your hands on without a prescription, see your doctor and get it labelled at home
    • Check if you need a visa before arrival – do not leave this too late. Some countries will require a entry visa you need to apply for in your country before you leave. Others will be on arrival one will be added in (Turkey, Egypt) or just a stamp at passport control.
    • Travel Insurance – make sure you obtain a policy from the date of departure until date of return. For more information on travel policies head over to Tips & Tricks.